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This is a preliminary contract offer form. Artist fees are confidential by nature and will only be quoted upon receipt of a serious professional inquiry complete with the information below. You will be contacted by our representative to confirm this offer and to collect any additional information that they may need in order to complete your event contract.

Please be ready to wire a binder prior to confirmation on some Artists and a substantial deposit when we accept your offer. These acts range in price anywhere from $5,000 up to $750,000 and beyond on some. Make sure that you list a contact person that is authorized to make a decision quickly, sign contracts and follow through with the deposit. Dates can only be held for a brief period. The YMF-ArtLinkInter has been booking shows for over 15 years. We respect your privacy and the information you provide us with will only be used in relation to your business with us.

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Upon confirmation by the artist, purchaser agrees to send signed contracts and riders to agent immediately upon receipt, and agrees to abide by all terms and conditions of the contract and this offer.